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What is the Seó Bóthair roadshow?

The Seó Bóthair is an interactive workshop that encourages students to use critical thinking to examine their opinions about the Irish language.

We discuss with the students where they can use Irish, inform them about their language rights, and give out plenty of prizes too.

More than 240 Seó Bóthair workshops were organised last year, and we are constantly developing the workshop to give the students the best experience possible.

Take a look at the video below for more information from the Road Show Coordinators!

Who is it for?

The workshop is aimed at Transition Year students. The workshop is suitable for every type of school - Gaelcholáistí, English-language schools, within or outside of the Gaeltacht. There is no need to worry about the standard of Irish that the students have, the workshop can be run bilingually or through Irish only.

A Seó Bóthair workshop can be run with up to 50 students at one time. Therefore, sometimes more than one workshop is needed - we run workshops between 09:00 - 10:30, 11:00 - 12:30, and 14:00 - 15:30 usually, depending on lunch times and school hours.

What are the benefits of the Roadshow?

We have put together a list of benefits. This will help you when discussing the Road Show with other teachers, Transition Year Coordinators or the principal of the school.  


The workshop includes information and a video about jobs and third level courses where the Irish language can be useful in Ireland and abroad.


A “Careers with Gaeilge” booklet will be given out to anyone interested with careers where the language can be used under 6 categories.

Critical Thinking

The workshop encourages students to use critical thinking to examine their opinions about the Irish language through Agree/ Disagree statements and an open debate about opinions and misconceptions.


The workshop includes information about the status of the language compared to other languages and where students can use it outside of school.


The workshop outlines which technology and apps students can use in Irish and outlines where to find information about podcasts / youth clubs / language rights / social media through Irish.


The workshop outlines current campaigns for the language, like a new Irish youth radio station, and how students can get involved.

Spot Prizes

5 spot prizes will be given out as part of each workshop.

    What is the aim of the Road Show?

    The aim of the workshop is to empower and encourage students to use Irish more often. We inform students about the advantages and opportunities that the Irish language provides, the growth and movement of the Irish language, and the various ongoing Irish language campaigns.

    What is discussed as part of the workshop?

    • Facts and statistics about Irish (opportunity to win spot prizes)

    • Employment opportunities & third-level courses with Irish

    • Opportunities for use: where to start, services & language rights

    • Irish online: social media & what is available in Irish

    • Irish at home: Irish in your area & and in the future

    • Irish at school: the importance of Irish as a school subject

    • The work of Conradh na Gaeilge and the various Irish campaigns that you can take part in: SnaG / Gaeilge24 / An Fáinne / #Dúshlán etc.

    • Mythbusting: 10 myths about Irish (a package of 10 lessons will be left with the teacher)

    • Raidió Rí-Rá and CEOL (another opportunity to win prizes)

    Theme of the workshop: An Ghaeilge i do Thodhchaí

    There are many jobs with the Irish language available in Ireland and in Europe in recent years. We want to share information about these jobs and the third-level courses that will be of great benefit to those who wish to work through Irish in the future.

    We also hope to inspire the students as to the other advantages related to Irish before they continue onto the next stage of their lives.

    2024/25 Academic Year

    There will be three Coordinators on the road this year to run Seo Bóthair workshops in each county - a Coordinator for the West and Gaeltacht, South and Gaeltacht and for the East and North.



    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    +353 87 4848713

    Cill Mhantáin



    Cill Chainnigh



    Loch Garman


    Port Láirge

    Tiobráid Árainn


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Dún na nGall           






    Maigh Eo

    Ros Comáin


    Uíbh Fháilí



    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    +353 87 7093436


    Ard Mhacha                            

    Baile Átha Cliath     

    Cill Dara


    Fear Manach


    Tír Eoghain



    There will be 3 coordinators travelling around the country. The country will be divided up into the sections below.

    The schedule for the 2024/25 acedemic year will be published shortly, but feel free to register in advance and we'll be in touch!




    Please click on your area below

    • South

      County Week beginning
      Corcaigh 27 November
      Port Láirge 4 December
      Cill Mhantáin 11 December
      Briseadh na Nollag 19 December- 2 January
      Corcaigh 8 January
      An Chlár 15 January
      Ceatharlach 22 January
      Ciarraí 29 January
      Cill Ceannaigh/Loch Garman 5 February
      Corcaigh 19 February
      Tiobráid Árainn 26 February
      Cill Mhantáin 4 March
      Luimneach 11 March
      Port Láirgen 18 March
      Corcaigh 8 April
      Luimneach / An Chlár 15 April
      Port Láirge / Tiobráid Árainn 22 April
      Loch Garman / Cill Mhantáin 29 April
      Contae le deimhniú 6 May
      Contae le deimhniú 13 May
      Contae le deimhniú 20 May
      Contae le deimhniú 27 May
    • West

      County Week beginning
      Iarmhí 20 - 24 November
      Uibh Fháilí / Laois 27 November - 1 December
      Cabhán / Longfort 4 - 8 December
      Gaillimh 11 - 15 December
      Briseadh na Nollag 19 December- 2 January
      Cabhán / Liatroim 8 January
      Gaillimh 15 January
      Iarmhí / Longfort 22 January
      Ros Comáin / Maigh Eo 29 January
      Laois / Uíbh Fháilí 5 February
      Liatroim / Dún na nGall 19 February
      Maigh Eo / Sligeach 26 February
      Gaillimh 4 March
      Iarmhí / Ros Comáin 11 March
      Longfort / Liatroim / Cabhán 18 March
      Dún na nGall 8 April
      Sligeach / Cabhán 15 April
      Laois / Uíbh Fháilí 22 April
      Maigh Eo 29 April
      Gaillimh 6 May
      Iarmhí / Cabhán /Longfort 13 May
      Ros Comáin 20 May
      Gaillimh 27 May
    • East and North

      County Week beginning
      Baile Átha Cliath 20 - 24 November
      Doire / Tír Eoghain 27 November - 1 December
      Muineacháin /Fear Manach 4 - 8 December
      Dún / Lú 11 - 15 December
      Briseadh na Nollag 19 December- 2 January
      BÁC 8 January
      15 January
      Cill Dara 22 January
      Ard Mhacha / Tír Eoghain 29 January
      Muineacháin / Fear Manach 5 February
      19 February
      BÁC 26 February
      Aontroim 4 March
      Doire / Fear Manach 11 March
      BÁC 18 March
      BÁC 8 April
      15 April
      Cill Dara 22 April
      Dún 29 April
      Aontroim 6 May
      Doire / Tír Eoghain 13 May
      Ard Mhacha / Dún 20 May
      27 May

    Visits will be organised in the second term also. The schedule for the second term will be released later in the year.

    Feedback from the Seó Bóthair

    Feedback from the Teachers

    A digital suvery was given to teachers and students who had the Seó Bóthair in their schools this year. Below is a selection of responses, with a fair representation of the feedback from teachers and students.

      What is Gluaiseacht?

      The Seó Bóthair is part of the Gluaiseacht campaign. The aim of the campaign is to encourage young people to use their Irish after they leave school. We illustrate to them the different ways that Irish can be used outside of the classroom, be that in their future career, in their locality, within their family or simply in their daily life.

      For more information about Gluaiseacht, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

      Gluaiseacht is sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

      Conradh na Gaeilge

      6 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.
      Phone: +353 (0) 1 475 7401, Fax: +353 (0) 1 475 7844, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.