Seó Bóthair Roadshow

The Seó Bóthair Roadshow has grown in recent years to become an integral part of the school calendar. We will be on the road every day promoting the Irish language in schools throughout the country.

What is the Road Show?
The Seó Bóthair roadshow is an interactive workshop which makes use of games, discussion and debates to promote the Irish language in a positive way.
We discuss where Irish can be used, about their language rights agus there will be a lot of prizes to give out!
Last year, the Seó Bóthair visited 80 schools. The roadshow is always being developed with more schools taking part every year.

Who is it for?
The roadshow is suitable for secondary students aged between 15-17 – students to attend Gaelcholáiste or English-language Secondary Schools, within or outside of the Gaeltacht.
No need to worry about the standard of Irish the students have, the roadshow can be done bilingually if necessary.
Workshops can be organised with up to 50 students.
Depending on the amount of students there are, we can hold multiple workshops, one in the morning, one after the break and another after lunch if needs be.

CeatharlachWhat is the aim of the Road Show?
We aim to encourage and empower students to use their Irish more often, both inside and outside of school.
We also want to inform students firstly of the advantages and opportunities with which the Irish language can provide them, and also of the growth of the language and the various language campaigns which are going on around the country.

A provisional schedule for the coming academic year is laid out below. However, if these dates do not suit, we will do our best to make alternative arrangements.

What time?
The Road Show lasts about 80 minutes. We try to hold two or three workshops everyday – the first workshop from 09:00-10:30, the second from 11:00-12:30 and the third from 14:00-15:30. These times can vary depending on school opening hours and lunch times.

How many students?
We ask that less than 50 students be in attendance at each workshop in order for it to be most effective. It is aimed at students between 15 and 16 years old (Transition Year / 5th year in the south, Year 11 in the north).

How much does it cost?
There is a subscription fee of €100/£90 for the Road Show.
If you would like to book more than one workshop, the cost of €150/£140
This cost helps us to cover the Road Show's travel costs for the year.

Theme for 2018 / 2019: Employment and University Opportunities with the Irish Language

These past few years plenty of new opportunities for employment in Ireland and in Europe have become available to Irish speakers. We want to share the necessary information with you about gaining employment through Irish and about college courses that will help you to do so. 

We hope this will encourage students to think about the extra benefits that can be gained from Gaeilge before they choose their career paths.

Layout of the Road Show

5 minutes   Introduction
5 minutes   Statistics and facts about the Irish language and prizes to be won
40 minutes 

 Interactive workshop encouraging students to contemplate and discuss questions about the Irish  language. Students stand in different corners of the room to show the extent to which they agree or disagree with each statement. Discussion of each topic lasts 10-15 minutes.

5 minutes  Information about Raidió Rí-Rá and the chance to win CEOL  2017 music albums. Distribution of Gaelchártaí (discount card for use in certain shops and restaurants wishing to promote  the Irish langauge) and more prizes to be won
10 minutes  Information about the work of Conradh na Gaeilge and various Irish language campaigns e.g. Gaeilge 24, #Dúshlán, Comhrá '17, Bliain na Gaeilge 2018, BEO, Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia, An Dream Dearg and the Irish language in Europe.
10 minutes  Presentation: Employment and Third Level Courses with Irish
5 minutes  Conclusion, distribution of information leaflets and questions 

What is needed on the day?Leagan amach an tSeomra
All that is needed on the day is a large room laid out with a white board and rows of chairs to the front and space for games and role-play at the back.



A digital suvery was given to a sample of teachers and students who had the Seó Bóthair in their schools this year. Below is a selection of questions and answers, with a fair representation of the feedback from teachers and students. 


Feedback from Teachers:



Feedback from Students:




How can you register for the Road Show?
If you would like the Road Show to come to your school, make sure to book a workshop soon.

You can register here!

 Road Show Schedule
* This is a flexible schedule. We will try and make other arrangements with your school if the dates below do not suit. Even if we have already visited your county this year, don't hesitate to contact us anyway. 
Have a look at the schedule below to see if Eve or Sorcha will be in your county.

9 - 13 September Dublin / Kildare  Dublin / Kildare
16 - 20 September Limerick / Cork  Dublin / Louth
23 - 27 September Waterford / Tipperary  Wicklow / Wexford
30 MF - 4 October Clare / Limerick  Armagh / Down
7 - 11 October Cork  Donegal
14 - 18 October Galway  Dublin / Kildare
4 - 8 November Offally / Laois  Antrim / Derry
11 -15 November Mayo / Sligo  Meath / Westmeath
18 - 22 November Carlow / Kilkenny  Monaghan / Cavan
25 - 29 November Kerry  Derry / Tyrone
2 - 6 December Cork  Donegal
9 - 13 December Galway  Dublin
16 - 20 December Other schools  Other schools
6 - 10 January Leitrim  Antrim / Down
13 - 17 January Offally / Laois  Meath / Westmeath
20 - 24 January Roscommon / Sligo  Armagh / Louth
27 - 31 January Waterford / Tipperary  Wexford
3 - 7 February Clare / Limerick  Fermanagh / Monaghan
10 - 14 February Kerry  Donegal
24 - 28 February Galway  Derry / Tyrone
2 - 6 March Mayo / Sligo  Cavan / Monaghan
9 -13 March Cork  Wicklow / Kildare
16 - 20 March Carlow / Kilkenny  Dublin
23 - 27 March Offaly / Laois  Wexford
30 - 3 April Leitrim / Longford  Antrim / Derry
20 - 24 April Waterford / Tipperary  Meath/Westmeath
27 April - 1 May Clare / Limerick  Fermanagh / Tyrone
4 - 8 May Cork  Dublin / Louth
11 - 15 May Other schools  Other schools
18 - 22 May Other schools  Other schools
25 - 29 May Other schools  Other schools
2 - 5 June Other schools  Other schools

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