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Gaelbhratach (Secondary Schools)

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President of Conradh na Gaeilge Donnchadh Ó hAodha presenting An Gaelbhrat to Schull Community School in Schull, West CorkGaelbhratach is a reward-based scheme which officially recognises schools which are active in the promotion of Irish throughout the school. Gael-Linn is in charge of the Gaelbhratach in the schools in partnership with Conradh na Gaeilge at second level.

What is the aim of Gaelbhratach?
The aim of this scheme is to encourage and enable schools to promote Irish in a planned, ongoing, enjoyable way.

The objectives for post-primary schools taking part are:

  • To encourage the use of Irish in the school
  • To promote active cooperation between the students, teachers and the school authorities
  • To gain recognition from the community in which the school is situated of the school’s commitment to the promotion of Irish

Objectives for the student taking part are:

  • To encourage the student to take an active part in the promotion of the language in the school
  • To encourage and enable the student to actively function as a leader and to develop organisational skills.
  • To improve the student’s confidence, their commitment to the use of Irish, not only as a school subject, or a school language, but as a language choice in their personal lives
  • To give the student a better understanding of the opportunities to use Irish outside of the school structure

Objectives for the teacher:

  • To gain continuous active support available in the promotion of Irish in the school
  • To encourage students learning Irish as a result of the engagement
  • To connect with the national system for the promotion of Irish

For those schools who are taking part in the scheme for the first year, the basic Gaelbhratach is the end-of-year aim. Subsequently, there will be an opportunity to focus on a particular area (music, sport or community, for example).

Why should your school take part?

  • Gaelbhratach encourages the use of Irish throughout the school
  • Gaelbhratach will add to the positive image of Irish in the school and in the broader community
  • Gaelbhratach will improve the students’ understanding of Irish outside the school
  • The students will be more engaged with Irish
  • Gaelbhratach will encourage leadership amongst the students
  • The scheme enables students to become more active in promoting the use of Irish in the school
  • Gaelbhratach creates an engaging network between students, staff and school authority
  • The school will be taking part in a national movement to promote the use of Irish

When the necessary steps have been completed, a Gaelbhratach will be awarded to the school acknowledging and rewarding the work undertaken by the whole school.

How can our school register?
If you’re a post-primary school teacher and are interested in taking part in the scheme, get in touch with Gael-Linn at +353 (1) 6751200 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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