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An Fáinne Úr

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Póstaer Fáinne 2021

You can buy an Fáinne online through our shop An Siopa Leabhar of Conradh na Gaeilge here or by calling us on +353 (0)1 4783814

Conradh na Gaeilge have a Fáinne Úr!

People are encouraged to speak Irish to eachother with the motto: “Ár dTeanga Do Rogha” (Our Language Your Choice) on the Gold and Silver Fáinne badges 

There are special prices available for schools and large groups who would like to buy in bulk.

(1-19) €4 per Fáinne.
(20-49) €3.50 per fáinne.
(50+) €3 per Fáinne

Discounts are applied to Fáinne badges by type (Gold or Silver or Cúpla Focal) as individual products.

 Fainne Oir CnaG Fáinne Óir (Gold)
The Gold Fáinne shows you have a fluency in Irish.
 Fainne Airgid CnaG Fáinne Airgid (Silver)
The Silver Fáinne shows a basic level of spoken Irish 
 Cupla Focal dath ceart3

"Tá Cúpla Focal agam"
A small circular badge with a silver outline and green background that says
‘Tá Cúpla Focal Agam’ (I have a few words).
Suitable for anyone who has a few words of Irish.

 Seanfhainne le teacs

Seanfháinne (€5)
Traditional old style Fáinne badge, with longer tail and clasp at end of pin.
Suitable for coats and heavier garments.  Each Seanfháinne is €5 

 bandai Wristband - Grá don Ghaeilge
Wristbands available at €1 per band. Wristband says ‘♥️ an Ghaeilge’
(Love the Irish Language ) and  ‘Is leatsa í’ (It's yours) 
 greamain Roll of Stickers- Grá don Ghaeilge
Rolls of stickers (100 per roll) available for €4 per roll (3 rolls: €10)

All products can be bought online through the Siopa Leabhar of Conradh na Gaeilge here or by calling us on +353 (0)1 4783814

100 Years of An Fáinne; 1916-2016Piaras B
‘An Fáinne’ was started over 100 years ago on 17 February 1916, a special sign that a person was willing to speak Irish. Members of Conradh na Gaeilge founded An Fáinne to encourage the speaking of Irish to other Irish speakers. Piaras Béaslaí was elected president of the Comhairle an Fháinne at the time.

Humans of An Fáinne

We have recently started an Instgram page highlighting personal stories of people who wear the Fáinne, and why they do so. Check it out here...

Cuir Fáinne Ort Féin A3


Downloadable Posters

General Fáinne Poster pdfFainne_A3.pdf

Humans of an Fáinne Poster pdfHOAF Fainne.pdf



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