Recommendations for National Policy for Housing Planning in the Gaeltacht


26DF2020 Polasaí Náisiúnta do Phleanáil Tithíochta sa Ghaeltacht Dátheangach


Recommendations for Housing Planning in the Gaeltacht

Why is a National Policy for Housing Planning in the Gaeltacht needed?

Decrease in the number of daily Irish language speakers in the Gaeltacht:
• The 2016 Census showed a catastrophic fall of 11% in the number of daily Irish language speakers in
the Gaeltacht during the period 2011 - 2016
• Exceptional positive action is needed to protect the Gaeltacht
Protect the rights of the Gaeltacht community to live in their home area:
• Currently, many young people have to move out of the Gaeltacht as they are unable to obtain planning
permission on their own land
• There is a generation of young people from the Gaeltacht who are unable to buy a site or a house in
their own area and who have to leave the Gaeltacht
• People in the Gaeltacht who are entitled to social housing are being pushed out of their own community
as not enough social housing is being built in the Gaeltacht

Ensure that the Gaeltacht is not wiped out by large numbers of non-Irish speakers coming to live in the
• All research shows that the level of daily usage of Irish is damaged when a large group of non-Irish
speaking individuals & families come to live in the Gaeltacht
• Irish is weakened in the community, in the education system, in community events and as a normal
spoken language

What are the benefits of a National Policy for Housing Planning in the Gaeltacht?

Certainty for the Gaeltacht community
• Ensure that the same approach is in used in all Gaeltacht counties
Certainty for Local Authorities
• A common policy for every county in which a Gaeltacht area is located
• Formal recognition of the needs of the Gaeltacht in housing planning policy
• A policy that will support the language plans in each Gaeltacht area
Certainty for Developers
• Accurate information for developers on Gaeltacht planning policy
• Save developers money & time by not initiating planning developments that are not in line with
national policy - compared to the current ad hoc system which often ends up before An Bord Pleanála
or in the courts

Opportunity to develop the Gaeltacht and to halt ongoing depopulation
• The number of Gaeltacht people living in their own community will be increased
• Fluent Irish speakers will be given the opportunity to move to live in the Gaeltacht
• Contribute to the local economy and the development of the Gaeltacht economy

The whole document along with the Policy istelf can be read HERE


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