Gníomhaí Gaeilge


Gníomhaí Gaeilge is a new mentoring, awards and recognition system for people active with Irish at Third Level, run by Conradh na Gaeilge and the Union of Students in Ireland.

Registration is now open for 2022/23:

Leabhrán Eolais - Gníomhaí Gaeilge (GA)
Info Booklet - Gníomhaí Gaeilge (EN)

Registration of Interest (Students)
Registration of Interest (Mentors)



Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Gníomhaí Gaeilge?
Gníomhaí Gaeilge is the next step forward in how Conradh na Gaeilge and Union of Students in Ireland undertake mentoring, awards and recognition at third level.

Who can register for an Gníomhaí Gaeilge?
Anyone attending third level can apply to take part in Gníomhaí Gaeilge. You can apply under the following categories:
Cumann Gaelach
Student Union
College (Society / Union / Other together)
Other Group

How do I apply?
An expression of interest form is available here. We will be accepting 40 students under the system in 2022/23.

When will it start?
Students will be selected in the summer, with the first training sessions beginning in August.

What kind of things will I have to do?
Those participating in an Gníomhaí Gaeilge will be required to attend training, meet with their mentors, work on behalf of the language on campus and work towards predetermined goals throughout the year.

How does mentoring work?
A mentor will be assigned to each student who will assist the student in their work throughout the year. The mentor may have attended the same college, been in the same role in previous years, have experience from their work that is in line with the student's goals or have some other value that will enhance the student's work.

The mentor will be available to the student when they need advice or help, and will be available to meet throughout the year to discuss plans and report progress.

I am on the committee of the Cumann Gaelach in my college. Do I participate as an individual or with the society?
You can apply with the Cumann Gaelach and as an individual. 

I am an officer on the students' union. Do I participate as an individual or as a union?
You can apply as a union and as an individual. 

Applications will be open to a limited number of students entering the 2022/23 academic year from Societies, Students Unions, Groups and Individuals. Candidates will undergo training and mentoring, and will be required to demonstrate that they are working on behalf of the language in college to achieve awards and recognition.

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