Conradh na Gaeilge join the European Language Equality Network (ELEN)

The European Language Equality Network (ELEN) are pleased to announce that the leading Irish language NGO Conradh na Gaeilge have joined the organisation.

In addition, at their Steering Committee meeting in Mainz on Saturday, ELEN backed the call for an Irish language act and will be working closely with CnaG in the coming months both on the current consultation and in terms of lobbying governments and international organisations so as to ensure that the Act becomes law. (See picture below)

Speaking to the press ELEN Secretary-General Davyth Hicks said:

“We are delighted to welcome Conradh na Gaeilge to ELEN. CnaG has a wealth of experience to bring to ELEN on advocacy work, language teaching, and effective language recovery.

“Their membership comes at a vital time for Irish as we enter the final phase in the campaign for an Irish language act. The Act is long overdue, it should have been delivered as part of the peace process package years ago, plus Irish should have as a minimum the legal base that Welsh and Gaelic language development have had for a generation.

“The ELEN membership, which comprises many experts in language recovery and effective language legislation, will be participating in the consultation process in the next few weeks and we will be lobbying hard at the UK and European level to ensure that the Act becomes law.

“Given the precarious situation for Irish as a community language, as detailed in Joe Mac Donnacha’s 2007 Report, it is vital that we start to take the initiative and help further stimulate Irish language recovery. A language act will give an important legal base for language regeneration in the north and build on the immense achievements of Irish civil society in reintroducing Irish as a community language."

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