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10 Million Snapchats Sent With Community Geo-Filters as Gaeilge

GaelsnapCounties with Gaeltacht areas top the poll for usage as community geo-filters in Irish for all 32 counties celebrate a month in circulation

Over 10 million Snapchats have been sent with the Irish-language community geo-filters since their release across Ireland on Snapchat last month, with the Gaeltacht counties of Cork, Galway, Kerry, and Donegal topping the poll for usage.

Last month, Snapchat was added to the ever-growing list of international tech companies using the Irish language when 32 community geo-filters were released by the social media organisation in conjunction with Conradh na Gaeilge at the start of August.

Niall Comer, President of Conradh na Gaeilge says:

“Irish-language snaps have now been seen over 150 million times thanks to Snapchat’s community geofilters as Gaeilge. These kind of figures defy the tired, old and unfounded cliché that Irish is somehow a “dead” language and present us with a much more positive insight into Irish-language usage by young people in Ireland today.

“Conradh na Gaeilge wants to thank all of the Gaelsnap designers at the heart of this community effort, all of whom put in a huge effort to create the 32 geo-filters for each county as well those whose designs did not make it to Snapchat.”

Usage statistics available to Conradh na Gaeilge show that Cork has the highest number of uses with 920,000 Snapchats using the Irish-language community geo-filters in the county and over 15,300,000 impressions generated. Galway follows in second place with 870,500 uses and 16,200,000 impressions, Kerry in third and Donegal in fourth, meaning all top four are counties with Gaeltacht communities.

Orlaith Nic Ghearailt, Campaign Awareness Executive at Conradh na Gaeilge says:

“It’s fantastic that 10 million snaps have been sent with a geo-filter as Gaeilge in the space of a month. It shows how popular the Irish language is on different social media platforms, and it has been great seeing social media influencers such as James Kavanagh, Pippa O’Connor Ormond and Doireann Garrihy using the geo-filters as Gaeilge.

“It’s also great to add Snapchat to the list of every growing social media platforms and private enterprises that provide services in Irish. Irish-language options are now available and in use around the world on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Wordpress thanks to the work of community translators.”

To send a snapchat with an Irish-language community geo-filter, you can take a picture on Snapchat and then swipe to view the selection of available geofilters including the one for your area as Gaeilge. Make sure you have the latest Snapchat update installed and your location services turned on. Some places with higher populations and a choice of a lot of community geo-filters have the Irish language filters on rotation and therefore the Irish geo-filter might not always be available.

Irish-Language Geo-Filters Usage by County:

County Uses Impressions
1 Cork 920,000 15,300,000
2 Galway 870,500 16,200,000
3 Kerry 589,100 8,900,000
4 Donegal 568,300 7,100,000
5 Tipperary 530,400 6,100,000
6 Dublin 481,600 10,500,000
7 Kildare 443,100 7,600,000
8 Mayo 420,600 6,300,000
9 Clare 387,300 6,100,000
10 Wexford 352,800 5,600,000
11 Limerick 350,100 4,900,000
12 Laois 332,900 6,100,000
13 Monaghan 313,100 3,700,000
14 Cavan 305,000 3,800,000
15 Tyrone 287,600 4,300,000
16 Kilkenny 260,600 3,000,000
17 Roscommon 250,600 3,000,000
18 Wicklow 241,500 4,600,000
19 Armagh 224,900 2,700,000
20 Louth 217,700 3,600,000
21 Offaly 195,300 2,300,000
22 Meath 192,900 2,200,000
23 Waterford 187,500 3,100,000
24 Westmeath 178,000 2,200,000
25 Fermanagh 140,100 2,100,000
26 Antrim 130,200 2,200,000
27 Leitrim 125,900 1,400,000
28 Carlow 122,200 1,600,000
29 Sligo 118,700 1,600,000
30 Longford 109,900 1,400,000
31 Derry 83,400 2,000,000
32 Down 70,500 1,000,000
TOTAL 10,002,300 152,500,000





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