Uimhir 6

Uimhir 6Uimhir 6 is Dublin's Irish-language centre and what a historic centre it is! Some of the most important people in Irish history and politics had connections with the building at 6 Harcourt Street, the likes of Cardinal John Newman and Michael Collins among them.

Not only is the building at Uimhir 6 itself seeped in history, but Conradh na Gaeilge (originally known as The Gaelic League in English) also played an critical role in shaping in Ireland’s history and is currently based in the building with various other important Irish-language organisations - including Seachtain na Gaeilge, Club Chonradh na Gaeilge, Oireachtas na Gaeilge, Ógras, Raidió Rí-Rá, Comhluadar and An Siopa Leabhar.

We are developing Uimhir 6 as an Irish-language hub in the city centre, in an effort to give any member of the general public with an interest in the country’s history and culture access to the building, be they Irish speakers or non-Irish speakers. www.uimhir6.ie


Uimhir 6
6 Harcourt Street
Dublin 2

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Website: www.uimhir6.ie

Associated Organisations of Conradh na Gaeilge