2016 Action Forums

Fóraim Ghnímh 2016Conradh na Gaeilge hosted action forums north and south, open to all, to agree on specific actions to promote Irish-language and Gaeltacht commitments in the 2016 election campaigns, and are currently motivating the local voting public to get involved by talking to their newly-elected representatives now that the elections are over.

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Dual-Language Road Signs

Dual-Language Road SignsDespite Irish being the first official language of the Republic as per the Constitution of Ireland, and despite the special care taken to ensure Irish is principally prominent in signs under the Official Languages Act 2003, (Section 9) Regulations 2008, the same regulations specifically exclude road traffic signs.

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Education Policy

Conradh na Gaeilge Education PolicyIt is obvious to Conradh na Gaeilge that the Department of Education and Science in the south is failing to address the problems in our schools regarding the teaching and the learning of the Irish language. While we welcome the extra emphasis given to the Irish oral examination, any further reforms need to deal with a more complete, holistic methodology. Conradh na Gaeilge recommends that all trainee teachers should be taught through Irish in an all-Irish environment, learning through and about immersion education in Irish, for the equivalent of one academic year of their training course.

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Irish Language Act for the North

1221599896postaer pobal bus o bhaile tha cliath rpSt Andrew's Agreement was signed in October 2006, wherein the British government promised to enact an Irish language act for the North in Westminister if it did not happen through the Assembly, but Irish speakers in the North are still waiting for legislation to protect their language rights.

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Irish-Language Free Legal Advice Centres

An tSeirbhís Saor-Chomhairle Dlí Náisiúnta trí GhaeilgeDo you have a question concerning the law? Maybe you want to know if your bank can raise the interest on your mortgage? Can your employer let you go without paying you redundancy? What rights do landlords and tenants have? Do you have the right to speak in Irish to the judge? How do you make out a will?

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