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Coláiste na Físe Meirge1

Cláraigh CnaFise

5 Day Summer Course 2021

This is a great opportunity for any student who is looking to brush up on their Gaeilge during the Summer break, while having fun also.

Our Vision (Fís):

Our vision for Coláiste na Físe is to provide a first-class learning experience, providing awareness of the Irish language outside of school, empowering young people to use their own Gaeilge, all while having fun throughout the courses using safe and simple video conferencing technology.


Why this course:

  1. EXPERIENCE: Conradh na Gaeilge have 127 years experience in the teaching and promotion of Irish
  2. RELEVANT TO SCHOOL: The classes on this course are relevant to the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate courses
  3. UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: These courses are designed to awaken the student’s interest and awareness in the language and give them the tools to use more Irish in day-to-day life than ever before
  4. INTERVIEW: A mock oral exam will be available at the end of the course to any student who wishes to avail of it
  5. NOTES: Each student will also receive a booklet of notes via email

What is included?

A 5-day course filled with interactive experiences that will empower young people to learn, build awareness and have fun with Irish:

  • There will be a large emphasis on learning with 3 unique classes each day. These classes will be based on 3 themes: Conversation, Listening and Language. Each class will last 40 minutes
  • Between each class there will be a 20 minute session that will focus on awareness of the language and empowering the students to use more Irish in everyday life
  • At the end of each day, there will be a larger interactive session. Each class will come together to take part in an activity such as a bingo, a quiz or other activity. These activities will encourage the student, in an enjoyable way, to use the Irish they have learned during the day

How the course will operate:

There will be two levels of courses available:

  1. Junior Cycle level: Recommended for students from 1st to 3rd year in Secondary School
  2. Senior Cycle level: Recommended for students from 4th to 6th year in Secondary School

There will be 3 groups to each level. Students will be assigned to the 3 groups on the first day and the students will remain in these groups until the end of the course. The app Zoom will be used to hold the classes / activities. Only qualified second-level teachers will teach the classes with Conradh na Gaeilge’s Education Team helping to run the awareness, empowerment and fun sessions.

Daily Programme

10.00  Class 1 
10.40 Awareness & Empowerment workshop1
11.00 Class 2 
11.40 Awareness & Empowerment workshop 2
12.00 Class 3
12.40  Fun / Entertainment Session
13.30 End

Information about the classes:

All classes have been arranged to suit the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate. Further details below:



Educational Benefits:


  • To improve speaking and communication skills

  • To encourage natural conversation between students

  • There will be a particular focus on Oral Exam work for senior-cycle students

  • To strengthen listening skills

  • To introduce students to different dialects of Irish

  • To give students experience of listening closely to the language

  •  To give students the opportunity to practice their language skills

  • To give students basic skills  in grammar and the structure of Irish 

  • To develop richness in the language along with vocabulary


Information about the awareness and empowerment workshops
This course is directed at empowering students to use Irish outside of the schoolroom context, eg: educating them on the best resources to use for self-learning. During the course:

  • Students will take part in workshops about the promotion and use of Irish language
  • They will learn about the current factual position of the language
  • They will learn about the opportunities available to those who speak Gaeilge, especially about job opportunities in the future

CostCláraigh CnaFise

The course costs €175 for the 5 days, including the optional mock oral exam at the end. We have limited the spaces on the courses space to keep class sizes low. You can register here.  


Course dates

Currently we are running 2 courses for Summer 2021:

Junior Cycle (Years 1-3)
Monday June 21st -> Friday June 25th

Senior Cycle (Years 4-6)
Monday June 28th -> Friday 2nd July  



  • Zoom - Zoom meetings will be used to facilitate classes. Students will receive a link to join their class each day. There will be a maximum of 15 students in each Zoom class and by using waiting rooms we will ensure that nobody else can access the class
  • Zoom Webinar - The activities between classes and also the afternoon activities will take place in a Zoom Webinar. Zoom Webinar allows us to share one screen with the students along with using other on-line tools with them
  • Zoom Waiting Rooms - 10 minute long mock orals will be held individually with all students that opt for the mock orals at the end of the course on Friday Afternoon. Zoom Waiting Rooms will be used and every student will be allocated a specific time to do their interview with the teacher


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Gaeilge: The emphasis of this course will be on learning Irish and students will be encouraged at all times to use Irish.
  2. Good behaviour is incredibly important to the safe running of this course. A warning will be issued for bad behaviour of any kind and the student in question may be asked to leave the course if the bad behaviour is deemed unacceptable. Inappropriate behaviour includes behaviour that disrupts another person (teachers, college staff or other students), a class or webinar over Zoom.
  3. Taking screenshots, or pictures on Zoom calls in class or on the Webinars is forbidden.
  4. Teachers will ask students to turn on or off their microphones at various times during the class, especially in the conversation class. Students can turn on their video cameras during the class to ensure that they have the best experience possible on the course (there will be no more than 15 students in any class).
  5. It is recommended also that students use earphones in order to cut out background noise.
  6. Students are not permitted to use their phones except for when a student is asked to use the phone to download apps to use in the class.
  7. 10 minute long mock orals will be held individually with all students that opt for the mock orals at the end of the course on the final afternoon. Zoom Meeting Rooms will be used and every student will be allocated a specific time to do their interview with the teacher
  8. Payment does not mean a confirmed space on the course, a person from our team will be in touch to confirm your student’s space. The courses will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. When a course is full you may place a name on the waiting list by sending an email to us.
  9. A space on the course can be cancelled by notifying us by email. A full refund will be available if we are made aware up to 7 days before the beginning of the course. If a space is cancelled between 7 days prior to the beginning of the course and the actual start date of the course, the individual who booked the course will not be entitled to a full refund.

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