#Gaelvóta for #AE22

#Gaelvóta for #AE22

With the upcoming Assembly Elections and we are asking the parties and candidates for their stance on a series of 5 key Irish language issues attached below regarding the promotion and protection of the language. We are contacting each party and all independent candidates requesting your policy stance on each of the 5 Irish language policy areas. We ask parties to confirm their stance on these in writing as soon as possible.

pdfWe have attached here a bilingual information leaflet giving some context to each of the core issues.

Béarla Pic 06AI2022 Olltoghchán2022 Bileog Dátheangach

We will be publishing all Party stances on these Election pledges both on social media and with local communities across every constituency.

We also request a meeting with each Party leader to discuss these issues in the context of the upcoming election and for a possible photo opportunity.

#AE22 Commitments sought:

Irish language Legislation

1. a) The immediate implementation of Irish language legislation agreed in NDNA through the new Executive & Assembly.
b) If legislation is introduced by Westminster, we seek a commitment that you will support full, immediate implementation of that legislation through the Executive & Assembly.

Irish Language 20 Year Strategy

2. The adoption and implementation of an Irish language Strategy based on the current co-design and expert panel processes.

Irish Medium Education (IME)

3. The development of an Irish Medium Education Bill through the Assembly, in conjunction with the IME sector, which aims to clarify and strengthen the current statutory duty and ensure the necessary policies and services are in place to meet the needs and projected growth of the IME sector on an equitable basis.

Irish in English Medium Education

4. Ensure language(s) become a core subject at GCSE level that all students will select, as was the case pre 2001.

#AE22 D’Hondt Preferences

5. If your party finds itself in a position to select the Department of Education and / or the Department of Communities will you commit to prioritising those departments in your D’Hondt Ministerial selections?


What do the Parties say? 

Over recent weeks the parties and independent candidates have has a chance to consider and respond to the 5 pledges listed above. Here are the reponses we recieved from the parties (PDF).

22AI2022 Toghchán Toghcheantar SeasamhPáirtithe


Extra information: Many of the parties and independent candidates indicates "Other" when asked to sign up to some of the commitments. Below we have included individual responses from parties and independent candidates as corresponds with the table above:

Páirtí Eile: Further info
Sinn Féin Regarding Commitment #5: "Selections under the d’Hondt system are dependent on the outcome of the election and are highly sensitive political decisions. We are not in a position to indicate our possible departmental selections publicly (which would inform and potentially influence the decisions of other parties) in advance of the running of the d’Hondt process in the Assembly."
PBP | Pobal Seachas Brabús Regarding Commitment #5: The party did not believe it will be in a position to make ministerial choices therefore decided this question does not apply to them at this time.
Alliance | Páirtí na Comhghuaillíochta Regarding Commitment #5: "The selection of ministerial portfolios is a complex issue which is dependent on a number of factors beyond the control of individual parties. Whilst we cannot commit at this point to which ministries we would prioritise, we can commit that we will seek to promote and facilitate the Irish language within whichever department we take."
Green Party | Páirtí Glas Regarding Commitment #5: "If we are entitled to any Executive positions after the election, our decision will be determined by the outcome of negotiations with other parties."
IRSP | Páirtí Poblachtach Sóisialach na hÉireann Regarding all Commitments: “IRSP is different from all other parties running in this election. We have no interest in keeping these institutions running. It is our main aim to use any seat we may win to help all members of the community who have been failed by the system, just like the Irish language community in this city.”
Emma deSouza, Neamhspleách Regarding Commitment #5: As an independent candidate, Emma did not believe she will be in a position to make ministerial choices therefore decided this question does not apply to her at this time.



What does #Gaelvóta look like in each constituency?

Click on the contituency below to see how this information relates to each candidate in every constituency. The link will open a new window with a PDF. Alternativey, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can send you the files via email or post.

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*If any of the information contained in any of the graphics or tables above seems unclear or incorrect, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can take a look. As with any work of this kind, information may need updates as positions on certain policies develop or change. 


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